Monday, May 23, 2016

Pink, florals, cobalt blue, carousel, and other weekend stories...

Hi all, hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend? Here is what I got up to this weekend
Started the weekend by hanging with my high school friend, Tee
Looks like it's Christmas in May
Wagamama is one of my favorite spots, and we decided to grab dinner there.  As you can tell by the look on my friend's face, the food sucked this time around :-(
Since dinner was a burst, we decided to do the next best thing--take silly pictures :-)
Started Saturday by taking fun pictures. I am a sucker for colorful backgrounds, and I posed it up in front of this blue wall

Being silly
The carousel was the perfect match for my colorful floral skirt

It was such a gorgeous day, and it was a no-brainer to go to the park and hang out for a bit

When we were done at the park, we headed to a cook out

Being silly again
Soon it was Sunday, and that depressing feeling you get because the weekend is almost over started to kick in
So we hit the town to get some froyo and eat the Monday blues away
I couldn't resist this colorful door and window
We strolled for a bit, and soon it was dinner time. We chose to have dinner at an improvisational grill restaurant where you pick your own pick your raw food and sauces, and watch it cook on the open grill--pretty cool concept
The night ended with capucinno crunch and maple buttah nut icecream

In all, my weekend wasn't too shabby. What did you guys get up to?

Blue Dress: H&M | Floral Skirt: Express | Denim Shirt: H&M | Pink Bag: Kate Spade | Grey Sweat: Target | Pink skinny Jeans:TJ Maxx or Marshalls | Cobalt blue Bag: Kate Spade Saturday


LV said...

Great photos! I can tell you were having such a good time and LOL at the photo of the face you made when you didn't like your food:-)

Unknown said...

Wow, nice photography, you must have a nice weekend!

AntebellumChica said...

Lovely pictures and delicious treats makeup for a crappy week and will definitely take you through the new week.

Unknown said...

I love your floral skirt. Nice photos.

Paola Lauretano said...

Amazing pics!!!! Your skirt is very cool!
Kisses, Paola.


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Emmylou said...

Looks like you a had a great weekend with friends:) And I love that grill restaurant!

Caro * said...

Very nice photos ! Your skirt is perfect :)