Friday, April 15, 2016

24 cool things I did in Lisbon, Portugal--Part II

Hey guys, this is the concluding part of my Lisbon adventures. If you missed part 1, please read here

 16. Stumbled upon a 500-seater restaurant-- Time Out Mercado da Ribeira

This is one place we stumbled upon by chance.  Time out Lisboa food hall is a newly renovated establishment that houses some of the best restaurants that have been highlighted in the Time Out Lisboa magazine
I have never been more confused about what to eat. With so many food options, it was hard narrowing down my choice.

17. Said a prayer at Jeronimous Monastery

The Monastery is where explorer Vasco da Gama spent his last night before embarking on the India expedition
How grand is the monastery!
Every inch of the architecture was well thought out and intricately crafted
Jeronimous Monstery was fun, but it was time for a little outdoor fun, so we crossed to the other side of the road walked to the Discoveries Monument

18. Visited the Discoveries Monument (Padrao dos Descobrimentos)

Lisbon is famous for its explorers such as Henry the Navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe,  and Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to India from Europe. This monument was built to honor the countries explorers and other notable figures.
The northern bank of the Tagus river is a monumental place as this is where ships set to sail to explore and trade

19. Viewed the Cristo Rei Statue from the bank of Tagus river
In the far distance is the 25th of April Bridge and further on is the Christ The Redeemer, a replica of  Rio de Janiero's famous statue

20. We stomped all over Portugal

In the square that houses the discovery monument is a mosaic map of the world and a compass that shows the routes taken by explorers and the dates they embarked on their explorations. Tee and I located Portugal on the map and snap, snap! When we were done here, we made our way to Belem Tower

21. I kept watch over Lisbon from Belem Tower
Belem tower was a military fort and was built to guard the entrance to the harbor. 

How picturesque is Belem Tower

Belem Tower is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A view from the top

22. Watched street performances in the DownTown area of Chiado-- Largo do Chiado  

This downtown area features tons of shops is a traditional shopping area that mixes old and modern commercial establishments. We walked down the city’s famous shopping street Rua Augusta, and just took in the lively downtown vibe, and caught few street performances

I even caught this on video

23.Stayed in an uber cool apartment

24. Took tons of pictures
Lisbon is known for its tiles and tile building, so of course I had to take a picture of this pretty blue tiled building
There are colorful buildings on every street!

It was indeed happy times in Lisboa

Peace out Lisboa

Hope you guys enjoyed my Lisbon series. Barcelona adventures coming up soon. Have a fantastic weekend.


toks said...

Such fun pictures.

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Stunning photo diary! I love your owl sweatshirt too!

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Super awesome pics of Lisbon:) Thanks for sharing!

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I'm so happy I will go to Lisbon next week!!!!
Btw, great pics!!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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I loved reading your posts about Lisbon - they've made me so excited to visit in July. Thanks for sharing your tips :)
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Yay Paola. Let me know how your trip goes.

Chic Therapy said...

Lisbon is beautiful, you'd love it.

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Your travel photos are always super amazing. Thanks for sharing your travels!!!

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What a lovely pictures!!
Hope you had so much fun in Lisbon!!

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Wow stunning pictures everywhere, Lisbon is so beautiful.

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Grea pics dear. HitsNaija Entertainment

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Amazing photos ! ;)

Of the comely said...

Travel is such an individual thing. I also found their architecture amazing. The people I encountered were not so amazing. Belem was my favorite site, and my second favorite was their zoo. Your pictures are lovely. Thanks for the memories.

Princess Audu said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, I love the scenery in a lot of the shots. Your makeup and hair towards the end is stunning and I love your green coat.

Princess Audu

Os amores da Simi said...

Hello! I am from Portugal, and just wanted to say that I loved your post. It shows the true Lisbon and her environment.
Thanks :)