Thursday, January 21, 2016

London: A day in East Central and West End

London is one of my favorite places, and I always welcome the opportunity to spend time in this lovely city. I am very familiar with London, but an area I had never explored was the Shoreditch, Bricklane, and old SpitaField Market area. So when I booked my flight to Nigeria, and saw that I had two layovers in London, I added these neighborhoods to my itinerary. Below is a pictorial record of my adventure in this quirky London district.

My love for Nandos knows no bound, so I stopped by to grab dinner with my friend
Spotted this stylish guy on the Picadilly line
I spent the night in East London, caught up with my girl Rems, and then hit the road
The street art in Shoreditch is mind blowing
Selfie time
Love lock fence right outside Shoreditch high street
My first stop was the BoxPark market place which is right opposite the Shoreditch High Street staion. 
The stores here used to be pop up container shops. They have since been turned to permanent brick and mortar
I wandered around, and headed to the restaurants on the upper deck.
Boxpark is chock-full of restaurants, and it was a tad difficult deciding where to eat 
I eventually settled for FalafeLicious, a middle eastern restaurant.
Then I dug into my yummy pita pocket meal
Once I was recharged, I made my way to Brick Lane. There was not much to see here as Bricklane is mostly busy on the weekends
so off I went to Old Spitalfields Market, and soon I was trying on and buying some unneeded clothing.I purchased a pink coat that I wore right away (see pic above and below).
How cool is the Le Camion Gourmand food truck
After shopping I walked to Liverpool Street Station to catch a train to the West End of London 
I hopped on the underground and got off at Oxford Circus
I wandered around for a bit and found myself on Carnaby street
Carnaby street is one of my favorite spots in the West End, and I spent some time popping into the lovely little shops
How pretty are these pink light bulbs
Stripes, chevron print, colorful accents-- We Built this City, London is a store after my heart 

...and of course I had to take the obligatory telephone box picture before heading to the airport
Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a fab  Thursday. :-)


Caro * said...

Happy New Year beauty !
Your coat is fabulous, I love this color :)

chichi said...

I love, love, love the coat!
The colour is so pretty.
Love me some Nandos too, their peri peri chicken wings and strawberry cheesecake give me oxygen!

Good to know u had a lovely time!


Deborah said...

London is one of my favorite cities ever and you've managed to capture the spirit and beauty of the city in all the photographs!
Also, I love your bright coat! So perfect!

xo Deborah
Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

Eniwhere Fashion said...

I like to much travel, but I've never been to London. One day I want to go there, these photos really made me understand that it is a beautiful city! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

Eniwhere Fashion
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Shilpa said...

Happy finding your blog
Good luck

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Awesome post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Monday to you! :)


Unknown said...

Sigh this post makes me miss London! I so want to go back as soon as possible. I loved that place and am so happy I got a chance to visit this summer!

Tonka said...

I absolutely love the pictures you captured everything so well the food, the streets, the people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chic lady,

Very lovely travel diary. You took us on a trip around your day. :-)

I love the fuchsia coat in the first photo, electrifying hue.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Marcia B. said...

Your pink coat is amazing, great pics.

TOSAN said...

Your scarf is EVERYTHANG!

Please watch my videos