Monday, December 28, 2015

What I wore on Xmas day: Jewel tone--Sapphire blue maxi

Lol at this eyeroll!
Happy people

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Monday.


Style4Curves said...

so lovely!

Unknown said...

Your skirt is lovely.

You look good...compliments of the season to you.

jackie jade said...

What a gorgeous outfit for Christmas - love it!

Caramella said...

You look gorgeous in this striking blue outfit! Love your makeup too! Happy Holidays

Unknown said...

I'm loving that skirt and your makeup!

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

blessings.Just browsing through blogspotville and thought I’d stop in to wish you a happy new year.
May you have more triumphs than trials
More joy than sorrow
More support than judgement
More Inspiration than discouragement
More resources and access than obstacles
and may you know through it all
That you are blessed and a blessing (by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody)


Unknown said...

Lovely look! Happy New year

Adela Acanski

Unknown said...

I love the blue hues! Beautiful outfit and happy 2016 :)

Harrie said...

The color blue looks so beautiful on you my love..
happy new year

Unknown said...

J'adooore ta jupe, elle est magnifique !

Anonymous said...

Looks like I've been missing out on all your stunning looks. This one is no exception!!