Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blanket scarf + peplum hemline skirt in Midtown, Manhattan

Yellow flowers to the right, pink flowers to the left

The lights from Times Square are calling
It's only proper I pose in front of a New York city yellow cab
Perfect night for a blanket scarf
Shoes:  Kate Spade| Top: Primark | Skirt: Rainbow

Peace and love from Times Square, NY


chichi said...

I absolutely love the shoes!!!
They're hawt!


Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast said...

The shoes are so pretty, so is the entire outfit.

Love the length of the skirt, and how the peplum isnt the regular short one.

ahhhsoNeo said...

you are so gorgeous! loving the shoes.

xoxo Kellz* said...

woman give me that skirt!!

Caro * said...

Beautiful skirt and I really love your shoes. Kisses :)

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful colour combo.
The heels are so playful & the shape of the skirt so feminine!


Anonymous said...


Oh! I absolutely love everything about this look, the bright fuchsia pink, the colourful shoes and fitted skirt. You look so pretty. :-)

I am definitely going to sew myself a skirt like that, peplum hems are so chic, and the sheer portion is heavenly!

Have a lovely weekend!

Chic Therapy said...

Thanks! Excited to see how your skirt turns out.

Caro * said...

Hello beauty, hope everything is all right for you ? Kisses :)

Marcia B. said...

Wow you look great! Those shoes!!