Monday, October 05, 2015

Travel Therapy: Burlington, Vermont

A few weeks ago, I took some time off work. The plan was to eat, sleep, and do absolutely nothing. However, by the second day of my staycation, I was sick of being indoors, so I decided I was going to travel to a new city. Since it was an impromptu plan, I chose a state that wasn't too far--Vermont.

Vermont is known for skiing and other outdoor activities. However, I chose to go to the metropolitan city of Burlington. I absolutely enjoyed my time in this beautiful New England city. The people were extremely friendly, and everywhere I went, there was a warm smile to welcome me. 

Burlington is a college town, so it was bustling with a lot of activities. From the colorful buildings to the serene Lake Champlain, there was something charming in every nook and cranny. Below are some of the pictures I took. I Hope you enjoy them. 
Chilling on a chair swing at Water Front park, Lake Champlain 
How Scenic is Lake Champlain?
Taking in the view at Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain
Vermont is chock-full of bright colored buildings
The exterior of a vintage store on Pine Street
How cute is this tea shop?
I want to live here!
Vermont's oldest craft brewery
The clock/dome of the city hall

Church Street Market Mural
Church street market place is the famous shopping district in Burlington. While the street was filled with the typical  retail stores (GAP, Macy's etc),  I  spent few hours exploring some of the quaint stores available.
The church at the end Church street 
Sculpture of Saxophonist, Big Joe Burrell
Ben and Jerry was founded in Burlington, Vermont. While the original store is no more, the one pictured here is not too far from the first location. 
At Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center
I am obsessed with signage and I thought this was a pretty neat sign
Lake Champlain Chocolate: I took a free chocolate making tour here and was treated to a history of the company and free yummy chocolate.
How cool is this!
Another gorgeous  and colorful building
Follett House built in 1840 is reminiscent of the White House--no?
University of Vermont
Billings Library at University of Vermont

That's all folks. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week. 


Unknown said...

such a pretty place! love that one of the vintage store with the pretty draping flowers. so cool!

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Awesome post! Happy brand new week :)


Jeanne said...

Very cool shorts Miss!
I love your cardie!


Unknown said...

This town looks so cute! I love how colorful it is there and that chocolate tour sounds like fun :)

Lauren-Blair Donovan said...

Love that yellow cardigan and purple lipstick!! I've never been to Burlington, but those photos you took make me wanna go! I also have trouble doing nothing for too long, haha. XO

Kellz said...

beautiful post my luv

Kellz said...

beautiful post my luv

Dammy said...

Oh wow. It's such a charming place! And I love love love the shot of the vintage store.

Of the comely said...

It looks like you had nice weather. Glad to hear the people were friendly. My fave pic was the vintage storefront with the yellow bike.

Caro * said...

Lovely place. Your photos are beautiful and your outfit is very cute. Kisses ;)

BB said...

Very scenic and pretty. Your outfit is slaying and matches the city esthetic.

Unknown said...

Beautiful city and I love ur yellow sweater.Titi'sPassion