Saturday, July 11, 2015

Life on Instagram

Digging this lippie "backstage" from LA Girl matte liquid lipstick collection
Bored while waiting for the train, so I decided to take selfies
At a gold and black themed part I attended with a friend
Photo exhibition with Dammy of Will Work for Airmiles
Taking in the scene at Rowes Wharf
The red target wall is always a great backdrop
A view of Boston from a wedding venue
I have a thing for hats now
Monday morning selfies
Fashionistas in matching print trouser/blazer ensembles
Bought this interesting shoes from ASOS. Unfortunately, had to send them back as they were a tad small
Photographed this dapper fella a few weeks ago
Pink in the midst of neutrals
Have an amazing weekend, and dont forget to check me out on instagram @Chic_Therapy


Hyperfashun said...

love the pink house and that la girl lipstick.

Christina Lau said...

These photos are so fun! I love that view of Boston especially :)


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BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Awesome! Happy Monday dear! :)

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SprinklesofStyle said...

Such a lovely post - you look lovely and how adorable is that pink house!!! :)

Layla xx

LV said...

Great photos! You look beautiful

Beauty said...

Lovely pictures and very beautiful and chic outfits especially the printed pants and the dark pink blazer you wore.
Those printed pant suits are quite interesting too. I love it on my fashion icon; Victoria Beckham.

Beauty Follower said...

Loved your make up in the first pictures, and the stripped sandals are so trendy, the guy looks really smart in that suit!

Marcia B. said...

Omg those shoes from Asos are crazy hot, love all your selfies!

Harrie said...

The photos are fun... You look lovely..

Mikka said...

Awesome photos, love your make up dear! <3

Robert said...

Omg those shoes from Asos are crazy hot, love all your selfies related site