Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY: Flower Headband

Flower head bands have been the rave all summer, and this Saturday, I decided to jump on the band wagon and make some for myself. I did not chronicle the steps or take detailed pictures, but this is a very simple DIY project that can be whipped up under 30 minutes. 

All I did was cut the flowers from the stem and glue them to a stretch headband. Lastly, for extra hold, I glued the petals to the headband with round felt pads (this is optional).

...and voila, two new headbands.

All materials are from the dollar store.
This is my favorite of the two and I rocked it out the same day I made it.

The colors are a bit too much—even for a color addict like me. However, it would be perfect for a vacay in Hawaii.'II save it till I make it down there.
Do you guys like this trend? Do you see yourself rocking it before summer is over?


  1. Great job and I like them both. You rock them and you still have some more summer to wear them. Enjoy!

  2. hello love, great post and fits u well too. thanks for visiting my blog. i would like us to ff each other of GFC, so i am following you now and would love it if u would ff back..x

  3. Great DIY idea. The headband is lovely.

  4. Great job, turned out beautiful. I like the trend!

  5. This looks amazing! Loving how you look in the photos!!!

  6. Wow it's so pretty and easy to make. Definitely making mine. Thanks for your comment. xx

  7. Seems easy enough. This is where I wish I was crafty!! I believe I purchased something similar for 21 bucks! :(