Friday, July 27, 2012

Kickers: New Season Shoe Styles for 2012/2013

Whilst it may officially be ‘summer’, most Brits feel like the winter weather has never really left. Despite the craving we all have to run in the sun, the passing of the months means that soon it will be time for us to invest in autumnal footwear – but what shoe styles will be hitting the 2012/2013 catwalks?

Ballet Pumps
Flats can have multiple benefits over heels, namely that they are much more comfortable to wear. Ballet pumps are an ultra-comfortable form of flat shoes and we’re pleased to say that they will be highly fashionable during the 2012/2013 winter season.
Ballet pumps come in a whole manner of colours, some being plain and others possessing a more decorative edge, such as tassels or buckles. Whatever style of ballet pumps you opt for, make sure these stylish shoes are a feature of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe for the forthcoming season.
They have been popular for the past few seasons and this means most of you should already be familiar with these great items.
Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are also going to be big business next season. As we know from last season, ankle boots look particularly great with skinny jeans and leggings. This season, ankle boots are becoming more elaborate than ever, comprising a plethora of straps, buckles, laces and stitching.
Since their arrival in 1970, Kickers have always been famously well-decorated with features such as visible stitching, a clear label containing the Kickers logo, and boldly coloured laces. The forthcoming season of buckles, decorations, labels and shoe glamour is ideal for Kickers fans, particularly those who love the iconic Kick Hi boots with their famously eye-catching colours that contrast vividly with the laces and external stitching.
Whilst the Kick Hi boot comes without heels, making it the perfect choice of boots for those engaging in a more active lifestyle, some ankle boots for the forthcoming season will have a small heel. Ranging from daring three-inch stilettos to ultra cute kitten heels, the choice is yours when it comes to standing tall.
Retro Brogues and Booties
Booties and brogues with a retro look were all the rage last season and the fashion shows no sign of abating for the 2012/2013 season. This highly stylish choice of footwear looks great with short skirts, long dresses, trouser suits and even jeans, making them a versatile choice of footwear for the forthcoming season.  

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