Thursday, September 29, 2011

The White List

I am delighted to be posting the first ever male guest feature on Chic Therapy. Today's featured blogger is none other than my extremely funny and crazy friend ****(lets call him Asterix).Asterix is a good friend and we have had some insane adventures both in Nigeria & London.

Anyway, Asterix decided to copy me and start his own fashion/Lifestyle blog, The White List.In his own words his blog is about "Chronicling some of my favourite things and everything in between". Asterix is one stylish guy and i am pleased  he is sharing his style with us.

Why did you start a blog?
I started blogging without a ‘real reason’ really… I guess I could say I started mostly for fun and to kinda show off stuff I like – I do take a slight diversion from time to time though.

What is your blog about?
My blog is filled with photos of things that I like, photos that I’ve taken and I want to share and personal style posts. I’m inspired by photography so my blog has more photographs than it has words but they do say photos are worth a thousand words…(cheesy but you get the gist).

What is your style?
Eclectic. Lazy answer, I know… Haha! I don’t really have any style I like or dislike. I go from grungy to preppy and everything in between. I like to stand out so I tend to look for stuff that’s different– weird t-shirts, strangely cut jeans… you get my drift.

What one item can you not do without?
My watch(es). Bit of a cheat here but I love LOVE watches. Style and function rolled in one.

What is your favourite item right now?
My (full-length) onesie! Its so comfy (and I definitely love comfy)!

For more of my crazy stylish friend check out TheWhiteList (Blog),Facebook @MyWhiteList(Twitter)


Sia said...

Lovely to see a man on blogger. He has cool style. I love those blue jeans. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Is Asterix single?? *bats lashes* lol, cute blog

simplychic said...

yay for guy bloggers! i like the plaid button down with the chucks :)

Kimberly said...

YAY! I really respect male bloggers because I feel as if they TRULY start it because they have something WORTH saying! Best of wishes to him! =]

The White List said...

Wow!!! He's so hot!..... Oh wait, everyone can see that I'm writing about myself! lol! Thanks for the comments everyone! Means so much to me! :-)

Jadore-Fashion said...

Cute outfits! Love the trench cat!


deolascope said...

I just passed the "One Lovely Blog Award" on to you. Please check my blog for more details. All the best!

Muse Origins said...

This is great. There aren't enough male fashion blogs

Muse Origins