Friday, April 29, 2011

Travel Therapy: London

Since the Royal engagement was announced, London has been the most talked about city. A million tourist have traveled far and near just to get a feel of the royal wedding.I must say that i am glad  my trip was a week before the wedding, i would have hated to be caught in the whole frenzy. Anyway,in the spirit of the wedding taking place today, i decided to put up some pictures from my trip.Enjoy
What is London without the underground?
So we got on  the underground
i spot something in the sea
Trying to get my fierce on
Colorful visual display at Zara.I loved!I snapped!
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So we went to Portobello street market.
About to conquer the market

Hit the market with a certain blogger :-)
She was kind enough to model this Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes.
Lovely leather goodies
Jewelled goodies
Cute stuff

Piccadilly Circus

Tried to see the Prime Minister, but they didnt let us in
Took a stroll down good old Carnaby Street
It was a week to the wedding so you can imagine the hype.
The Royal wedding took place here this morning

and oh...before i forget, it was my blog's first year anniversary two weeks ago.Happy anniversary to me :-)

That's all folks.Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Dominique W. said...

Beautiful photos! I need to plan a trip there one day. I love seeing photos and movies with the London scenery. Gorgeous!

Nikkisho said...

Nice pictures!! and i love your blog header

Nikkisho said...

Happy blog anniversary!!!

Sing of Singature Style said...

Happy blogversary.
And great shots. The shops looked amazing.

Lolli Lewis said...

love your new banner! i want a new one too :)

ahh my lovely city of London!

happy belated blog anniversary..

I BLEED PINK said...

I need those shoes she was cute!!

Happy blogversary!!

Sia said...

I love these pictures and London. It's a lovely place to live! Love Sia x

Anonymous said...

Wow...very beautiful. Cant wait till I visit London one day. I love ur pursue with the all black outfit. Love all your outfits.

Karima said...

you're making wanna move to london ^_^

Muse Origins said...

Lovely! Those colored buildings are just so cool lol. I spied some bags i want to *sigh*

Glad you had fun :D


StylishForever said...

Happy Blog Anniversary...great shots still!

ages said...

Happy blogversary, and do please come back to London.

I heart those Viv shoes.....

Yankeenaijababe said...

Long live the king and queen, girl you having fun in London, am loving the pictures, London is a little unique, lol loving it...don't even have to ask, you having fun girl??? Stay cutie always.

ABIGAIL NY said...

Great pictures looks like you had a great day!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary! That's awesome! And I've only been to London once, but i recognized all those places! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Those Zara mannequins were doing the most hahaha!

That would've been a HOT MESS had you been there the week of the wedding. So much crazy!


Ms Afropolitan said...

I was quite relieved to be in lagos at the time of the royal wedding too ;)
Nice pics, looks like you had a great trip

Dammy said...

I LOVE that black t-shirt......looks like a mortar & pestle?
Gorgeous photos. x.x.