Monday, March 28, 2011

My Spring 2011 Wishlist

I usually bookmark items i love when i am online.Lately, it seems like i have been bookmarking everything.There are so many great items this spring and the colors are absolutely fan-frigging-tastic.Sometimes i get color high just by looking at the pretty colors plastered everywhere.These are just some of the items on my wish list.
I love the chiffon flower details on this Giuseppe Zanotti.Source
The colors on this necklace are so pretty and springy.Source
A chiffon dress is a must this spring.This forever 21 dress is so affordable i just might take a trip there.Source
Love the pretty embroidered hemline.What a pretty shade of purple too!Source

I heart this African inspired buttons(made by Uncultured Persons). It's a cute way to add some funk to your outfit.Source
   I have been drooling over this Kate Spade bucket bag for a while now.I love the color and the shape is super cool.
Kate Spade's 2011 Spring collection reeks of vibrant hues.This bag is perfect for that pop of color.Source

It is spring but Mother Nature seems to think otherwise.In anticipation of warmer days, i created this look on polyvore.This will be perfect for that lazy spring/summer day.

Lazy spring/summer day by chictherapy featuring flat thong sandals

Do you guys have a wish list or any item you are dying to covet?


pearlspeeptoespretty said...

Love the F21 dress and the necklace. In fact, I have a dress that needs that necklace!

Toyin said...

I'm definitely getting some of those uncultured them!

Nikkisho said...

i like the bags and sandal

Sweet said...

all of these are going to my wishlist especially the sandals and the the floral dresses oh everything is just so beautiful!!!


Fashion Guru said...

amazing finds

9jaFOODie said...

We need to be friends.. like by force or by fire, lol. I can totally shop in ur closet. such great taste u av. I heart the forever 21 dress, N The bucket bag, like waooo. I want it!!

Natural Nigerian said...

I love the color of that Kate Spade bag. How can you look at that bag and not feel happy and at peace with the world?

Unknown said...

Love the Guiseppe sandals and the necklace I need that in my collection, love all the colors on it.

Muse Origins said...

Babe!! I want ALLLL!!


Shadders said...

Love the Kate Spade cute and bright x

Nicole said...

I love your Polyvore outfit!

AsToldByTami said...

those kate spade bags are gorgeous!