Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lip Service

Hey Chicas, today our favorite guest blogger Omozele, would be doing me a great favor by filling in for me. This Toronto based fashionista, will be giving us tips to achieving fabulous lips in the winter.Hope you enjoy it.

Omozele says:
I have decided to invade CT blog again with colors not that it has not already been invaded with colors but dont you just love more colors especially during winter time? I think I have found a way to add some color to my"monotonic" winter wardrobe ****drum roll ****** LIPSTICKS yes you read right LIPSTICKS 

Majority of the Lipsticks and lip liners used are drug store brands Revlon,Rimmel,Body shop, Iman and MAC.

Iman is very creamy, I dont need gloss over this. The color is rich and has a nice glossy finish.I dont need to reapply a lot towards the end of the day.

Rimmel colors are bright and fun and it last for quite a bit if you are not giving presentations, having lunches, snacks, doing a lot of talking you get my drift?
The Body shop Lip color I have does not have a lot of pigment for my skin tone, I find I have to vigorously apply the stick all over my lips to get the right amount of color for me. Filling my lips in with the lip liner still does not bring out enough color for me. I find I have to reapply more before the end of the day

There are a gabillion and one ways of applying lip sticks, lip colors, lip tars and liners please see YOUTUBE if you are not sure, I have my way, it is not special but it works for me. I line and fill in my lips with whatever liner I want to use then gently dab on the lipstick until I am satisfied :)

There you have it. Go forth and paint the world with all sorts of colors. Remember you can mix  up your lip colors.With the right brush and a creative mind, the options are limitless.

Omozele is live on twitter, follow her here


Mode Plus said...

Here cheekbones are to die for :)
Loving the glossy red at the end.

PearlsandPeepToes said...

ooooh Omo! those lips oh! LOL! Loving the hair too!

Velma Williams said...

Honey the Red lipstick is really doing things for you. Hot! :)

Fashion Rehab

StylishForever said...

I'm loving the cherry red at the end, super glossy and i LIKIE!

Anonymous said...

great tips from a beautiful lady

Adiya said...

I really like that Pink Mauve lipstick! I'm sorry to say i don't do much in terms of makeup. I don't even line my lips before i put on lipstick- and most of the time, i just put on colored lip gloss. That's one thing i can't do without though- lip gloss.

Ms zee said...

Thank you everyone :) **blush**
@Adiya try a light lipstick, I wish I could get the Pink Mauve but it is not in stock. Start small , experiment a bit you will be surprised :). Iman has a good palette, if you are in Nigeria, Sleek makeup is not bad my mum uses their product and it works for her :)

Sweet said...

aww lovely lips...I love the pink shade...and yes my favorite RED means sexy!!!


NRC♥ said...

I love the pink too

Anonymous said...

I will have to try bright lipsticks soon...

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Cute lip colors!
I love the idea of guest blogging :-)

Check out my blog and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

laurence said...

J'adore le r├ęsultat vraiment super!!!!