Wednesday, December 01, 2010

...because i Love Gap Holiday Ads

As a lover of color (pretty ones at that), i eagerly anticipate the yearly Gap holiday ads. With the vivid and fun hues, the photos always gets me in the holiday spirit. They make me want to raid a Gap store and cart away all colorful items. Sarah Jessica Parker is featured in the 2010 ad but cant find good pictures of her ads yet.Here are some past ads

                                  I want hair like this

The colors look gorgeous on these ladies
                                                            Angie Harmon is GORGEOUS
Aren't the kids cute?

2010 Ad
Gossip Girl Cast

love these guys from Gossip Girl

Happy Holidays Chicas

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Baby Budget Blog said...

Soooo pretty and so festive. Love the family pics! And yes, that curly hair is to die for!

~L~ said...

awww these ads are cute. J Hud shouls have included her baby. and i want that hair too!

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VirtuousKelly said...


You guys in the states always get the better part of everything...

I have never seen any of these ads in England not to talk of Wales...

Now I want to visit GAP and explore all the wondrous colours...hmmm

Seshe James said...

I love your blog babes. Check out mine too. Entertainment, fashion, gossips etc) I am following you as well.

I love the little asian boy, he is so adorable

Zarna said...

i love gap holiday ads! they are just so festive!

Nnenna said...

I love how cheerful these ads are- I can't help but smile :)

thanks for your comment!

Nicole said...

Gap has the best ads

Anonymous said...

Thought I was the only one to gawk at holiday GAP ads. They're simple but so well done. Makes me wanna shop there. A+ to the GAP Marketing/Ad Team.

Anonymous said...


Dee O. said...

oh how i love gap holiday ads as well!!! :) this made me so happy lol!


simplychic said...

these ads just brought me so much joy!

Adiya said...

Awww these ads look like such fun! Everything is so colorful and smiley lol

Anonymous said...

Hello there : )
Buying things on line or in-store? which usually do you realy like? really wondering lol.. i prefer in-store just because i hate expecting it to arrive!