Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Color Report: 2011

The color experts have spoken and as the authority on color, Pantone has declared Honeysuckle (a reddish pink hue) as the color of 2011. Other colors as chosen by Newyork designers for 2011 are Silver Peony, Silver cloud, Beeswax Yellow, Coral Rose,Blue Curacao, Regatta,Peapod,Russet and Lavender.Some of this colors have been spotted all over runways and some celebrities are rocking them already.

Honey Suckle:Is the official color of 2011

Silver cloud:A sophisticated shade of silver

Silver Peony: A very very pale pink

              Coral Rose: We continue to see shades of orange in 2011....
Peapod:A very pretty shade of green that screams SPRING!

Regatta: a pretty shade of blue that is similar to cornflower.

Russet: This shade of brown is my least favorite color in the bunch
Blue Curacao, i heart this pretty turquoise shade
Lavender: Zoe rocks the color as far back as January 2010

Beeswax: I love this color.It kind of is a cross between mustard and orange
What do you guys think of these colors?Any you think you'll be rocking in the new year?

Photo Credits: DessyBrides,Scribd,DJPremium,Fashionbomb,LuxuryInsider,Cynthia Rowley,Bossip,Pantone,Bluefly,Shopstyle


AsToldByTami said...

i like that beewax top with the belt!!!!

Esther said...

hey sweet thanks so much for coming by to my blog :) love the comment! it makes me happy :D please come by again anytime!

ps. i love your blog and im now a follower! :) please follow me back? :) XXXX ♥


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I LOVE the peapod and the lavender! Such pretty colors for Spring!!!

Ms.Diva said...

I'm already in 2011!!! Wore my "honeysuckle" top on Saturday....lol www.mzdivaplus.blogspot.com

S. Bella said...

lovely colors...will definately be rocking lavender and you are right the brown is my least fav. too

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Love the honeysuckle colour.. I'm so feeling these colours.!!!


Gloria said...

Yay colour! Winter has been depressing so far so it's nice to look forward to Spring trends.

In response to you question on my blog (in case you don't check back), I use a Nikon D3000, hope that helps! :)

Sophia Molen said...

Hiii! You asked me what kind off camera I use. I use a Canon EOS 1000D!


Nnenna said...

I love silver cloud and I definitely want to incorporate some lavender into my wardrobe too!

Anonymous said...

the coral and lavender ones are the best! so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Lavender!!!......since am a very dark person, what should be my colours?....i tend to lean towards brown, wine & dull gold a lot.tnx

simplychic said...

awww...the good old pantone. makes me miss my days of buying.

loving the blue amber rose is sporting. the dress itself is stunning, but that color takes it over the top.

Adiya said...

I think it's a bit silly that designers (or whoever) will declare specific colors for different years or seasons - i don't see the point. So, i hail Zoe for wearing this years color last year lol. Really though, i'll just wear whichever color i like.

BTW, that simple silver cloud dress is awesome!

Chic Therapy said...

@ Nitty Gritty, most dark people tend to go for toned and earthy colors.However, i think if worn properly, they can wear most bright colors. Jewel tone colors look great on dark skin. You should check out Viola Davis,she is a dark skinned American actresses although she tend to muted colors she does wear brights well.Check her out here here

Dammy said...

Mustard is my color!!!! That and fuchsia. Or well; Beeswax & honeysuckle. Lol.

And in response to your comment, I'm dark and would much rather wear bright colors :D......I absolutely HATE brown, love black - because it's black [lol], hate wine......and most other dark/earthy colors..

Done rambling. :p