Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My girl and fellow blogger Pearl & Peeptoes blogged about her scarf collection and i was inspired to do the same.I have pashmina scarves in practically all colors and even own different shades of the same color (it is an obsession). Lots of my friends know about my love for bright colored scarves and i often get them as gifts. So,  in any case the friends are reading this,  i need to add  *ahem* coral, grey and acid yellow to my collection ;-).Thank you

Some of my scarves
Orange Scarf:gift from Vietnam. Green:Street Vendor
Red &Yellow: Lagos, Nigeria. Green Multi:Street Mkt in London

Pink Scarf: Gift

Purple:Souvenir from school reunion. Black: TJmax

Mustard Yellow: Rainbow
Orange & Green Multi:Gift from Ethiopia. Purple Multi: H & M

Aren't pashmina scarves the the perfect accessories for dull winter clothing?

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PearlsandPeepToes said...

SHOW OFF! lol! Your collection is much prettier than mine! But I have you to thank because you added like six to my collection :-)

Sing of Singature Style said...

Beautiful colors. I can't get enough of scarves either, with the options of colors and patterns, I can never have too many.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Such great colors! Scarves have saved many a drab outfit! Love them!!


StylishForever said...

Wooo, those are some pretty colours, i'm definitely getting inspired to get me more scarfs in different colours :)

Stay gorgeous!

Monroe Steele said...

great scarf collection love how you sort them all out too

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Unknown said...

Wow! You are the scarf queen! Great collection.


VirtuousKelly said...

Your request for grey has just been answered....

I shall be retaliating...


Lovely collection

~L~ said...

im with you! i love scarfs. as a wannabe shower singer, i have to keep my vocal cords warm...and look pretty too. lol

Your scarf collection is beautiful.

My Personal Style Blog

Ericka Franklin said...

omgosh you have so many scarves. great colorful collection ;)


btd. said...

Just a rainbow of colors! That's just awesome. :)

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

choi... !! *in my thick nigerian accent*
beautiful colours.
amazing collection.


Sugarr♥ said...

Wow! What an amazing & colorful collection. Def cannot deny that you love color, lol. I'm a scarf lover too.......but silk neck scarves. x.x.

Ms Afropolitan said...

As someone who is currently searching for the perfect scarf to beat the cold this post has just made me drool. Nice one. x

Adiya said...

I love love love pashmina scarves!! I recently got a yellow one- inspired by your yellow sweater hehe

Oh to Be a Muse said...

it's not always cold enough where i live to bust out a scarf, but i'm glad you wear yours often. the bright colored scarfs are beautiful!


dc said...

Love these pictures, color suits you well!

Seshe James said...

You look lovely. The scarves looks good on you.


Sugabelly said...

Gorgeous scarves!! And so many!!


Sugabelly 2.0


Anonymous said...

colors colors colors!!!!

Nnenna said...

you have such a pretty scarf collection!


Sweet said...

great colors love...all the beautiful scarves...and you look good in it!!!

I love the orange and green mixture...


simplychic said...

you are totally in my head! i was going to do a post dedicated to all my scarves. great minds think alike.

Unknown said...

I just felt so warm and cozy look at you all wrapped up in your scarves! Love the colors!


In Love Lingerie said...

We love your work and look forward to seeing more.


Anonymous said...

I love scarves too...but you love them more than I do.lol. Love your collection. Very beautiful