Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fashion Phoenix

Hey Chicas, It's been a while since i had a guest feature on the blog and i thought today will be the perfect day to rummage through the closet of another fashionista.

Hello y'all,my name is Onyinye FaFi Obi, A fashion junkie,Fashion stylist,Fashion blogger and Fashion editor of 360 nobs .I am quite pleased that Chic Therapy chose me to do this guest feature. My style is more of a polished look with a dab of comfort-ability. I mean,I would pick the comfort-ability of alexa chung's closet to the die-hard discomfort of the corsets in the closet of marie antoniette. Even though I love the glamour of the Victorian era, I thank God I wasn't born at that time.I am also a fashionista that loves a good bargain and I love all things vintage. Recently at an interview, I was asked my fave place to shop and I said,"MY FATHER'S CLOSET" because he stores all clothes he wore in the 80s and thereabout in a special closet.

This shorts are my dad's vintage Levi trousers.I took a scissors to it and turned it into shorts. They are so comfortable.

i have gone from cropped hair to long weaves and bohi curls,but this hairstyle is my signature. I added a hair accessory by a designer called Aimas.

This is a typical day in the life of Onyinye FaFi Obi. I tried the trend,"denim on denim" and added a sequin belt,in order to term it,"Parisian chic". LMAO..!!

I never have a particular look,because my style keeps evolving. Here I wore a ruffled skirt and a "Dunnes" blouse.

I love this skirt because it makes me look so cute. Also as a stylist, I give this tip.. If you don't have hips,go for a skirt like mine for the illusion of full hips. It makes your look more balanced.

I love accessories,but I've got an obsession with rings. I can stack more than two on my hand.They are so cute and i cant resist.

A day on the beach

This bag is my fave for now.Its vintage and it was a good bargain.

For more peeks into Onyinye's closet, check out her blog

Ribbon Rouge

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PearlsandPeepToes said...

She's not lying about the tip for those who don't have hips!

Teefah said...

She is styling! Well done Fashion Phoenix & Chic Therapy. 2 fantastic blogs!

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

your dad's vintage levis are fabulous! xx


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Aww shucks.. Thanks y'all..
Really excited and happy you loved the feature.

Thanks a lot.!


StylishForever said...

I LOVE her!

Bebe said...

That bag is whatsup!I love it

Mbabazi said...

i like her style plus i have a bag like that goes with anything.http://mbabaziannet.blogspot.com/

Emilie said...

oooh this post has amazing pictures!! Love your blog, you have amazing style!!



Sugarr said...

Gosh I love that bag!.

And I love the new look of your blog.


Adiya said...

I love that hair accessory and skirt!!