Tuesday, November 02, 2010

...because i Love Mondo

(No, you are not on the wrong page, this is still Chic Therapy's page. This new template is quite boring but it allows for bigger size pictures, so I guess, its YAY to change. Welcome to my new home )
I fell in love with Mondo on Project Runway because of his use of colors and patterns and I was a bit bummed out when he lost the competition . I however, do get the Judges criticism with his creations, if not styled properly, Mondo's pieces have the tendency of looking childish. Mondo has a niche in fashion industry and i am positive that this playful and creative designer will become a household name soon enough. I envisage celebs like Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne in some of his pieces. All the best with your career Mondo. *Eye roll* at Gretchen.

                                                        Mondo's Final Runway Challenge

Mondo:A designer after my heart.

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Baby Budget Blog said...

Reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs! Very fun!


socialitedreams said...

I realllllly gave the judges the side eye this season, because Mondo clearly should have won! how do you award him and let him win every challenge with his creative colorful pieces then get to the finale and say "oh, it's too creative and colorful, no one would wear it" Um, I know many people who'd wear it, they are called the under 40 crowd!


Unknown said...

Mondo- should have been the winner!!!! I loved his whole collection :) Great post.


btd. said...

Man, Mondo is awesome!
I want all of these outfits!

pearlsandpeeptoes said...

I love the new layout! :-)

yemstix said...

more than eye roll to Gretchen! I still cannot believe she won! Oy vey!
But Mondo now he is fun and his pieces are cute and girly but still relevant in fashion! Love him and his tiny frame!

StylishForever said...

I like the new template hun, i'm sure you'll get used to it pretty soon.
Mondo was the best! and in my head he won.

Stay gorgeous!

Closet Fashionista said...

I loved him too! But even though he didn't win he is going to go far :D

Zarna said...

WOW his pieces are seriously amazing! i totally love project runway!


Stella Kodi said...

yep CT he was my favorite too...good thing is he'll still get to be heard...he belongs in the fashion world

Monroe Steele said...

love it. love the patterns on those shorts! thanks for sharing great post. visit me soon.

xoxo Monroe


Femme Virtue said...

he is sooo talented! i love this collection! hope i can owned some of these pieces!

jemina said...

Mondo's pieces are really FUN, love the strapless checked dress :)


PS: I LOVE your new lay out :)

Nicole said...

I absolutely love the new template!!!

Adiya said...

But these are great! What's childish about them??! :s

Unknown said...

love the long sleeved and shorts combi...i believe in moderation and this collection epitomises that


Pandora said...

Is this that American Show about fashion? This is a good job for a trainee!!!

AsToldByTami said...

i luv him too! i was so pissed when he didnt win!

La Nomade Gourmande said...

Looove him !! I want his tee shirt and the polka dres ooooh ! im in love with this dress !