Thursday, August 19, 2010

Retro Receptionist on Color Crack for a Dime

Omozee says,

I call it "Retro receptionist on color crack for a dime"- lol. Now you all know Madame CT (Chic Therapy ) is the Queen of colors. She inspired this Outfit. Everything I have on apart from the
shoes and clutch is totally thrifted or got from Le Chateau mama (My mothers closet)

-"shoemetro" store on ebay, they sell big sizes (11-13) designer and non designer shoes for my broke student- worker pocket .I paid 55 bucks for these babies and can I say comfort is an understatement I can work, do my happy dance, run to catch the 6.30am bus, skip hop to the bathroom and the list goes on in these shoes :)
Clutch is from my girl MO - I have about 6 clutches. I love the way it doubles up for work and play .
The skirt - thrifted for 2bucks
Chanel earrings clippies and turquoise coveted necklace - mama's closet
The Vest or Cami is from Marks and Spencer (eons ago)
Jacket is thrifted for 10bucks (I love the details OMG this was made for me, you can tell it is tight but I do dont care **huge satisfied grin** )
Purple is my favorite color and it was fun mixing it and yes, a lot of people asked why I dont obey the dress down rules on friday. Well I dont obey rules period. I know every other person will be in jeans and slacks and I want to look different . Isnt looking and being different a good thing?

Ciao folks


Nicole said...

I love this whole look, especially the clutch and shoes!

sweet said...

The LOOK, the color and the clutch are just perfect

especially the SHOES!!! love the color and the wedge...

ohh...great post love


Ms zee said...

awww thanks guys :)

bebe said...

I really like that clutch.Saw a pretty color

Pandora said...

I am so jealous: this girl can really dare with the colors!!!

Original Mgbeke said...

The clutch is the business! And I love the shoes too.
Did Mo make the clutch, and does she sell?

Chic Therapy said...

Yeah the clutch is made by Mo.There is a post below wit her website addy

StylishForever said...

love love this look and the clutch is fab!

Unknown said...

omg i love your purse.. Do they have a website?

Unknown said...

I read further down in your blog and found the website. :) I want one.

Chic Therapy said...

Aren't those bags something April!:-)