Monday, May 10, 2010

The Style behind "Sweet Mother"

The name Prince Nico Mbarga may not ring a bell but the mention of the song "Sweet Mother" will to most Nigerians. Prince Nico Mbarga of Cameroonian and Nigerian heritage was the talent behind the hit song that sold more than 13 million copies(ArtsistDirect). Unfortunately Nico Mbarga passed away in a Motorcycle crash in 1997.

I recently came across him on youtube and decided to do a google image look up on him. I found out that he had a very interesting sense of style. A lot of his outfits (perhaps i should call them costumes) were colorful and flambouyant. I am thinking him and Lady Gaga would have gotten along just fine.

Since It's mother's day here in the US(ha!ha! i know i'm late) nothing would be more appropriate than Sweet Mother. Listen here


pearlsandpeeptoes said...

LOL! wow...dude definitely had his own style going!

Ms zee said...

love the black ensemble with the red platforms fantreakingtastic :)

alexis said...

i love this outfits & he sure did love Go-Go boots!

LollyBee said...

Those shoes!!