Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retail Therapy = Chic Therapy

Just thought i'd share my most recent fashion purchases with you guys
Gosh!i am so excited about this singer sewing machine i ordered from walmart. Cant wait for it to come in the mail.

Cosmetic Purchase

Stuff from the pictures above
I have never used Mary Kay so i was pretty excited about this purchase. I bought the medium coverage foundation and concealer. I love the concealer....it really does conceal a lot of facial sins. I am looking forward to using the Mac powder blush as i have never had one before. The Maybelline bronzer is alright, nothing extra ordinary. I got Mac eyeshadow in Cranberry, Embark, Bronze,Swish Frost (i hate it!does nothing for me) and coppering (all time favorite). I also bought a silver MAC shade stick; since it is shimmery, It is a very good shadow base as it makes any color you use pop and last longer. I absolutely heart heart the Dior black out mascara, it does wonders for my non existing lashes. I usually use Iman stick foundation & pressed powder, so i was only stocking up on those. I found this amazing blush/powder brush, i love the soft bristle :-). The red lipstick is from Wet and Wild and i loooooooooove it. I was just re stocking on the Loreal hip duo , I must have three with the orange still intact cos i only use the beige. The other eyeshadow duos are random shadows i got and i dont even know what brand they are (too lazy to get up to find out). The next on my agenda is one of the painterly pots from MAC.

I am still giddy with excitement about my purchases and i am looking forward to trying different looks with them.
My MAC store on 04/26/10

Do you have any recent fashion purchase you are still excited about ?Pls do share.


PearlsandPeepToes said...

I see Iman! Love her stuff!

mide said...

I love iman to..her powders are great for dark skin.

What shade do you use in the stich foundation?
Make up pictures soon

Chic Therapy said...

Mide, I love Iman too, its not as oily as MAC i use Earth 3 in the stick foundation.I think that should be your color too.

Ms zee said...

I do remember my first encounter with MAC Ruby woo in Boston on Newbury street or road or whatever , i even have pix to prove ha! excuse you miss thing with the sewing machine jo how much did you get the singer cos I got a Janome for 215bucks, I learnt how to sew with the Janome :)

Chic Therapy said...

Ms Zee...you've been to the MAC store on Newbury street?Thats the picture above...when did you come to Boston?

ibi said...

i like ! i like! give me some of ur make-up....lol!!

ibi said...

so u use iman as well? thats my powder and i really do love it... good stuff

ciaa said...

I did buy a sewing machine about 4 months ago but to tell you the truth I problably only touched it 4 times . Uhmmmm maybe its time to get to work. Enjoy

Get Togetha said...

I recently bought Bobbi Brown's foundation to cover just the dark spots and my heavens foundation has changed over the years. It looks like I'm wearing nothing and I love it!

I know I sound like a dinosaur but black makeup has truly grown in leaps in bounds. I stayed away from makeup so long because I thought it would make me look like a clown but beauty blogs have helped me to come out of hiding.

Chic Therapy said...

@ get togetha good to hear that!i have never tried bobbi brown before may add it to my list