Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its Our fav guest blogger...Omozee

Hello beautiful people,

How is everyone? I am fantastic, My sis is here for 2 weeks and we have had
wayyyyy too much fun .We went downtown yesterday cos homegirl wanted to go to H&M, f 21 (she is the queen lol) and a small T-shirt shop on dundas west
they make customized tees, a little pricey but you can guarantee you are the only one with the tee and you bring in your own tee.

Today(more like yesterday) I wore my fave colors purple and plum hues. The dress is from Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx), shoes are from Vince Camuto, my lip color which i absolutely adore is from body shop I dont remember the name but it was 14bucks , accessories
are from mum (whenever she is in town I raid her closet). I paired my look with tights cos it was chilly (chillay) this morning. I am also wearing my fav fav fav fav blazer even though
I say that about all my blazers and jackets E. Ungaro (I love the details, the 3 button bat wing whimsical detail), I picked this up at Barneys New york eons ago for a relatively affordable price then and it has soo worked well for me, from short shorts, to mini skirts
and dresses to wide leg trousers to my ankara ball gown (a story for another day). An expensive piece that has so maxed out its price per wear ( amount of times you wear a piece of clothing / cost of clothing ) ideally the ratio got should be 1:1 to me it is confusing but fashionistas
swear by this. My problem is that when I love something I will wear it everyday (like its the only piece of item I have ) until people get tired of it or start a "buy Omo another jacket fund" that actually happened at my last job.

Ok, this is getting ridiculously long again but hey I had fun, my sis had fun, we walked all over downtown today yes I did in 4" dainty of course sis kept on making fun of me cos she wore flats and was walking waayyy too fast .We had a fantastic sushi lunch and took in quite a lot of
Toronto. Sorry No pix cos stupid me forgot the camera. My next post will be fashion on the streets of Toronto, I saw some well dressed and good looking guys too. Oh well, until next time

One love


Chic Therapy said...

i love the shoes Omo...Vince camuto always have interesting & comfy shoes

pearlsandpeeptoes said...

those shoes belong in my closet!!!!!!!!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

You look fantastic in bright colors! Love it.

well after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs

Anonymous said...

lovely shoes where can we get the watever in the uk as in the naame of the shoe maker.

Ms zee said...

@ Queen of Hearts thank you :)
@ Anon - You can get Vince Camuto off, they ship worldwide but super expensive, I know I saw V.C at oxford circus a few years ago but I cant remember the store. I did buy this pair off ebay the seller had the last size 11 and I was able to negotiate a good price so yeah check ebay as well.

Ms zee said...

(sorry super long ebay link for V.C shoes )

That is from zappos (more than half my shoes are from zappos, excellent customer service )

Jem said...

I like this colorful outfit, but I would say not to wear the necklace... What do you think?