Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Agony Aunt

...ok, its not that serious.So my number one fan(lol) left me this on Sunday's post.

Dear chic Therapy,
I have a weekend getaway with the Hubs and the smallie, its from Sat to Sunday, older couple with teenage-19-20-ish kids....i have to look FAB!! Can you please put together a look for Friday, comfortable enough to fly in, Saturday, a fun active day, Sunday probably their church, lunch then back to the airport...

Travel look (I created two looks here and you can mix and match items from each set)

Travel look
When traveling it is important to be extremely comfortable.For this reason, i chose two loose fitting cardigans and tanks top. I also chose these flats because they are easy to kick off when going through airport security . I chose a hobo bag with long straps because of the lil munchkin. Wearing the bag across your bodice will allow you carry her without any troublle. Also a bag this size will give you enough room to stash some baby items and will let you reach them easily when on the plane.

Fun activity day look
& Church, lunch & Travel back look

active look & Church look
The first look in this set is for your fun day of activity. Since you said it was an activity day, I chose a loose fitting top thats not restrictive. Also, because it is spring I added the turquoise sandals and necklace to add some color to the outfit. The boyfriend jeans was chosen for a relaxed and casual look. Finally, the grey bag and sun glasses were thrown in to give a chic look.

I must admit the church look was the hardest for me to put together (and i am still not sure about the look ). Since it is church, i decided to go for a polished & classy look. I chose a top that was fun and pretty but not revealing. Knowing that you'll be going to the airport after church and lunch I choose denim jeans for comfort. Nude colored shoes are a big trend this spring and summer and i think it really goes well with the top. Hmmmn, now about the blazer, i am not sure how that is going to work with the slightly puffy bottom of the top but i added it because it gives a clean and polished look. I threw in small pearl studs because it adds class to the ensemble . The black flats from look one can be worn with this outfit when going back to the airport

So tell me how did i do?

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Anonymous said...


I loves it... I think you got the Airport look right down to a freaking pat... The activity look is also great, except the only boyfriend jeans i have also happen to be my old maternity jeans!yikes, so maybe not so much a favourite.. Church look I really like as I have an H&M jacket very similar to that...

Now I almost always wear jeans to church but since the Hubs dresses up more for church, I may decide to wear a skirt with this...

Okay, so suitably inspired, I'm going to go on this trip and take pictures! That's if we can get through the ash clouds!!

THANK YOU very much Chic Therapy, you did a great job ;-)


Arden's Mum

Anonymous said...

you did well, i love all the looks

PearlsandPeeptoes said...

great job lady! I will be reaching out to you soon for some outfit ideas!

Yankeenaijababe said...

I love the outfit, well put together for real. Hope you enjoy your trip

Chic Therapy said...

Arden's Mom, glad you liked some of the pieces.

@ All thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love all these looks!! very hip and yummmy mummy-ish. Dear Agony Aunt, can you tell your fans about leggings?? How do women with some booty wear leggings withut looking like their butts are about to explode lol?

Loving this entire blog....Arden's Aunt ;-)

Chic Therapy said...

Lol..Arden's Aunt, i knew it was you when i saw Yummy mumm-ish...
lol @ the exploding butts!I rem you mentioned it in Dec!
Perhaps you should guest blog and write something on it??
Glad you like the blog

Anonymous said...

Hope to meet you at the airport looking as hot and fly as above...