Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All cutesy and girly in my bubble skirt

The bubble skirt/dress phenomenon reared its pretty head again in 2006.I must have invested in three or four bubble skirt/dress styles (not counting the two bridesmaids outfits i have had in the past three years).By summer 2009 i decided i was done with the trend... but somehow, early this year this lovely black bubble skirt called out my name and the rest is history.

I absolutely totally ♥ my cute bubble skirt and i have worn it countless time this Spring already.

Skirt:Lord and Taylor,light pink button down shirt:Primark,Spiderman Tshirt : Old Navy (kids Dept-lol), black shirt:H & M, flats:Ann Taylor


PearlsandPeeptoes said...

Love the skirt! I'm a medium/size 4, please :-)

Anonymous said...

love your blog!! more posts pleazzzzzzzzzze

toyin said...

so excited about the blog...I like what I see so far and can't wait to see what's to come.

Chics club said...

Pic - Cute
Blog - Lovely
Thoughts? - I should start my own ;-)

simplychic said...

i love bubble skirts! good luck with the blog! so far so good :) :)

Chic Therapy said...

@ Pearls&peeptoes, one bubble skirt coming right up

@ anonymous, i see you!Thanks girl

@ Toyin, :0) excited too

Ms zee said...

I dont like bubbles sigh and I am biased whatever, love the skirt on you oya more more more when are you going to do make up tutorials now?

Chic Therapy said...

@ Bisi, please do start one!
@Simply chic, thanks for stopping by!
@ Zee, make up tutorials in due time...where is your own fashion blog..girl we waiting for you o

Unknown said...

I love the first look better!